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It's the first thing I will say to  authors when giving a book signing for the first time and every time. I will always remember the excitement I felt when my first book signing came to a realazation. But more importantly I will remember the support given to me for it. Although I placed all my books out for the audience, I made sure my most important book was in the forefront of the event. Hugs and Kisses. When I planed this event I wanted to make sure this book stood out, so I invited the Child Abuse Counsel, to come in and speak on this subject, with this being their expertise. I wanted to make sure this book would be available to parents experiencing this trauma with their children. I wanted to make sure the message and the knowledge would be well accepted, and it was. I also made sure to give back to those who became involved by giving them a hand made plaque to show my gratitude for their support. I gave them their moment. I found this very pleasing to the support group as well as myself, because I knew although the book signing was for me and my book, it was more so about those who help me pull it off. So I say, remember the supporters when you give a book signing and they will remember you when speaking of books.



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